An Ancestry App On Your Watch? Really?

Ancestry-Apple-Watch-AppA few days ago, announced on their blog a new Family History app for the Apple watch (see post Family History on Your Wrist).  I have to ask..why?  What purpose does this watch app serve?  I have enough trouble viewing my family tree information on my phone app.  This just makes the data smaller.  Do I really need this on a watch?

Let’s put aside the fact that I am not an Apple person.  Let’s put aside the fact that I am a huge gadget geek and love almost all things digital.  My thoughts here lean toward how I would prefer spend their money.  Would I rather have this app or some additional digitization and indexing of records?  I am going to vote on additional records to ancestry research.

The “On-this-Day” feature is appealing but can’t they do this with the emails I am already getting?  Notifications are already coming possible matches and comments on my posted tree.  I can share the information from my email on social media.

So again I ask…why?




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