Message Received and Motivation Achieved!



Today, I had the pleasure of attending my first day of my first Association of Professional Genealogist (APG) Professional Management Conference (PMC).  Amazing as that is, I also miraculously ended up next to Marian Pierre-Louis for most of the day.


For those of you who have never had a conversation with me about Genealogy, Marian Pierre Louis has a wonderful podcast “The Genealogy Professional” that has been a huge influence on my decision to become a professional Genealogist!


At first, I am ashamed to say that I didn’t know who she was but then I realized…I am walking around with MARIAN PIERRE-LOUIS… and I geek out a bit.


Anyone who has had a conversation with me for more than 5 minutes, knows that I was not born with some of the social filters that most people have when they are born.  I am sure I completely embarrassed myself on several occasions, enough so that she remembered my name.  She even did a little public shaming (whether intentional or not) and truly deserved.  The comment spoke directly to my neglect of this blog.


So here I am, head hanging low, confessing my transgression and trying to do better.  And excited (and a little worried) about tomorrow at the conference.  Thank you, Marian, for being an influencer (see I paid attention in your session).


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